Undoubtedly, the life we live in today's world is incomplete without internet services.  But have you ever wondered what would happen if it wasn’t there?

Well, people would have talked more face to face but hey who wants that?

Even though the internet is all around you, at your home, at your office/ college, you still face issues in connecting to it. So how do you think you will be able to find a solution for this?

For starters, a WiFi repeater could be the answer...

But hey, what’s a WiFi repeater?

Also known as a WiFi extender, it simply helps in extending the coverage area of your WiFi network. It simply works by getting the signal from an existing WiFi and then sending them in a boosted form. If you choose the right yet cost-effective WiFi repeater, you can certainly double the area actually covered by your WiFi network.

WiFi Boosters, Repeaters, and Extenders – Are they all same or different?

In reality, the job of all these devices stands at improving the coverage of WiFi signal. With no significant difference, all of them work to achieve the same thing – boost the WiFi signals. As stated earlier, you should have a WiFi repeater that suits you perfectly and is not too costly. One of the many e-commerce sellers, WholeSaleBear stands out in the competition as it offers some of the best WiFi extenders.

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If you are the person who has got the finest WiFi internet services yet faces trouble in getting a WiFi signal in every corner of my house. Well, there are a few suggestions even before you ask - What should I do first hand?

Before you go for a WiFi extender, here’s what you can do:

1. Choose the most central location of your house and place the WiFi router there.
2. Check if your router needs an upgrade. Many a time the older model does not fit in and therefore, you should upgrade to a more robust model.

    There are times when even after placing the WiFi router at the best location and having an upgraded model does not result in good signals. In such cases, WiFi repeater/ extender/ booster is the right solution.

    Our suggestion?

    Smart WIFI Repeater Extender & Router!


    1. It has a portable design which is extremely ideal for travel & home use.
    2. The shell is made with the same material which is generally used in Apple products. Also, it has the same ABS + pc environmental protection material which is anti-impact, anti-heat resistance, and flame retardant.
    3. With this WiFi repeater, you will easily connect to the multiple devices simultaneously.

      WiFi Repeater Working explained here:

      There are two wireless routers in a WiFi Repeater. One of them works to pick up the existing WiFi network while the other transfers the received signal in a boosted form so that it reaches to almost every place/ corner of the home/ office.

      What is the easiest way to install a WiFi repeater?

      The installation of a WiFi repeater is very easy. Simply, place the repeater in an appropriate location where it can receive signals from the existing WiFi network. Moreover, also ensure that it has a quick power supply. Thereafter, log in to your WiFi repeater by using your computer.  Enter the login credentials such as username and password. These credentials are of your existing WiFi network. This will allow the WiFi repeater to connect and boost the signal.

      Even for tricky situations like a pool house, there are weatherproof WiFi repeaters. These type of WiFi repeaters, when place outside the house, boost the signal easily throughout the property. 

      Worried about security?

      The level of security offered by WiFi repeaters is extremely good as they provide the same level of security similar to a traditional WiFi router (WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc).

      What about the laptop/mobile devices? Will they switch between networks automatically?

      Yes, they will but only when you go out of the first network’s range. Once you move out of that network, your device will automatically connect to the second network connected by the WiFi repeater. It may also happen that your device might detect both of these networks. In such cases, it is your choice to choose the network or you may even let the device decide for you.


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