For many people, slouching remains to be the prime cause of pain in their neck, back and shoulder. According to a renowned physical therapist from New York City – chronic bad posture often lead to headaches and tension in the back and shoulders. So, it is better to use posture correctors and drop slouching.

How to check if your posture is good or bad?

People, most of the time, are accustomed to hunching over desks, handheld devices or computers. Due to this, people often forget to take notice of their posture. Therefore, to check whether your posture is correct or not, start by looking in the mirror. Check if your palms face thighs & thumbs point ahead then it’s a sign of a good posture. If things are exactly opposite to it then it means that you are slouching. You can even check your right posture by pulling your head back and keeping your shoulders down.

Always see the way you are sitting

Always sit all the way back in your chair. Make sure that you don’t sit too forward or too far back because that puts blood pressure on the pubic bone (in too forward case) or tailbone (in too back case).  Ergo, find the middle range. How can you do that? Simply, keep your feet flat and create a triangle by centring your weight with your buttocks and pubic bone.

Always make sure that you work from a better position

Naturally, humans tend to lean forward towards the computer and that is what places a strain on your back. Therefore, while sitting back in your chair, it is highly recommended to use a lumbar pillow. Also, elevate the knees slightly. More importantly, the monitor should be at arm’s length away with the top of the screen at your eye level. In case you use a laptop, try to get an external monitor attached to it along with a keyboard so as to avoid hunching. Using a phone headset is best if you want to avoid neck strain.

Stretch whenever you get up or feel like doing it -

When you are sitting in one place for a long time, say, in an office chair or on a plane, you are muscles are more likely to become fatigued. You must have seen your pet dog or cat stretching after they get up. Learn from them.

Get flexible

The absence of adaptability can lead to muscle irregular characteristics and poor arrangement. By including stretching in your week after week practice program and doing it every day, you can diminish uneasiness at specific points. Attempt this super-simple stretch to ease neck and shoulder pressure:

While standing or sitting, pull your head back, and focus it over your spine. Force your shoulders back and down, moving your arms as though you're endeavouring to put your elbows in your back pocket.

Strengthen your core

To improve your core strength, you must choose to do yoga and Pilates. Why, if you ask? These two help you with holding the positions with controlled movements. To strengthen at home, all you got to do is –

1. Lie on your back
2. Lift your legs off the floor
3. Bend your knees like you are placing the feet flat on a wall.
4. Pull in abs,
5. Thereafter, extend one leg straight.
6. Keep your back flat while the other knee bent.
7. Then, bring one leg back, pause for a few moments and then extend the other leg
8. Use posture correctors and always watch your sleep posture 

    Posture Corrector

    To avoid slouching and fix your bad postures, here’s what you can do apart from getting a posture corrector for men. Link here

    When you are working in an office or at home, you can always posture correctors but when you are sleeping, you must watch the way you sleep. If your sleeping position isn’t properly aligned, it can leave you achy. All those who are side a sleeper, having a pillow by your side is just as it lets your spine stay in the position. It offers support to your head and makes sure that your neck isn’t held at an awkward angle.

    Although these tips help you in checking as well as fixing your bad posture, we understand that all of us have busy schedules. Therefore, getting a posture corrector for you is always the best thing to do.


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