Have you ever thought of knowing whether or not Wi-Fi IP cameras put an impact on the internet speed?

For an IP security camera, what is the total amount of data which is consumed?

If you see the network slowing down that means it can have a serious impact on the access, thereby, impacting various aspects of daily life such as searching the Web, using your smartphone/other device connected to your network.

This article talks about the amount of data consumed by the IP cameras and what impact do they have on bandwidth.

So, does an IP camera really slows down your internet speed?

In a way, it can’t be said that wireless IP cameras that use the internet don’t affect the IP traffic on your home network. Before you get down to install a security camera at your home, it is necessary to consider the IP camera internet usage.

There is no denying in the fact that these security cameras, wireless or wired, do put an impact on the network and slow them down a bit. Although, the impact is not as much as you think.

However, a wireless security camera won’t slow down the Internet if the camera isn’t remotely accessed via phone, PC or any other device. In that case, the impact can be ignored.

With the advancement in the technology, the IP cameras are gaining high adaptability towards networks, thus, putting a lesser impact on them.

Reasons to consider while checking the camera bandwidth consumption

In general, the internet usage of the IP cameras – the upload bandwidth and download bandwidth -varies due to several reasons like -

Compression –

This is the major cause of Wi-Fi security camera’s data usage. The two most popular compression standards found in the video surveillance and security industry are MJPEG/MJPEG-4 and H.264.

Resolution of the camera –

For a camera with high resolution, it is necessary to have a higher bandwidth, extra storage – all reasons that will slow down your network. To understand this more clearly, let us take an example of a camera with 5 MP camera resolution and a 2 MP or 4 MP camera. Out of these three, the IP camera with 5 MP camera resolution will require more bandwidth.

FPS (Frame Rate per Second) –

The FPS or the frame rate per second helps in determining how clear and qualitative video will we get from the camera. The more the FPS is, the more quality video will we get. Furthermore, it can also be seen that FPS do have an impact on the usage if CCTV streaming.

Number of IP cameras –

This is a simple reason – the more you have cameras installed at your place, the more data they will consume or use.

The Internet Usage Calculation of Cameras

So how do you find the amount of data which is being used by a Wi-Fi IP camera lite?

To do the calculation, you must have the values for all the 4 reasons or variables or factors that are discussed above. If you know them, you can easily find the bandwidth a security camera uses. The formula used here is –

Bandwidth (Mbits) = Frame Size (Kb) * 1024 * 8 * FPS * the Number of Cameras / 1000000

How to reduce bandwidth consumption?

It is necessary that you select the proper or appropriate compression format.

Also, if you use the right resolution then you can surely save a lot of on the bandwidth consumption.

According to the experts in the industry, you must lower the frames per second as it helps in avoiding unnecessary stress on your network.

Among the IP cameras, the motion detection cameras are just perfect.

Always put your cameras in isolation on separate networks.

Buying low bandwidth security cameras are highly recommended. To buy them, visit here.

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