There is no doubt that nobody wants a boring party until and unless you are not comfortable with the crowd. In that case, we are pretty sure that we still can make your “one man party” exciting with our Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener

Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener


Before we head out to discuss more on it and how it doubles the fun, let’s first understand what kind of guns are these?

Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener –

A cap firing replica gun is a simple and durable gun that turns your bottle opening work into an exciting shooting game. Understand it this way that what if the caps that you take out from your beer bottles turn out to be the bullets for your gun. That’s exactly what this gun is.

How a cap firing gun does add more fun to your party?

Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener

A shooting game has always been the most favourite game for humans since the beginning of time. Although, we used to hunt down the animals during the times when it uses to be the rule of kings and queens with changing times, we humans have upgraded this to a “no-harm to anyone” game. How? By making use of no real guns!

Yes, with the invention of toy guns, even a kid can feel the excitement of having a gun. But hey, we are no kids! So, how do we up this game?

Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener

To help you with this, we have the upgraded version of this toy gun with Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener. Here’s how it doubles the fun

Bottle caps turned gun bullets –

Try not to toss out those container tops, since now you can reuse them into valuable ammunition! With a limit to shooting bottle tops more than 16 feet in just a pressing of a button, you'll have gained the ability to irritate anybody in the room without getting up from your seat.

Up the game –

Include another dimension of amusement to your drinking routine by opening your beers utilizing this Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener. This little and fun device enables you to immediately change disposed of caps into little shots that you can shoot up to sixteen feet or more than that too.

Test your aim –

Place the disposed of caps to great use by testing your aim. Get an attractive bullseye on which you can use this cap firing replica guns to know how better your aim is? This is definitely a party booster that will surely make things exciting with your friend while partying hard. This monster-like bottle cap firing gun includes a charged surface (due to a magnet) with a width of ten inches and an implicit kickstand so you can undoubtedly prop it up.

Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener

Make your own collection of memories –

Give your lager cap gathering a genuine lift by making memories with this brew Cap Gun Launcher Shooter Bottle Opener. Now, every time when you have your friends some at your place, ask them to keep their bottle caps as extra bullets. At any point, organize a “who’s the best shooter?” game and enjoy with them. Award them with scores and make memories that will stay with for your whole life.

If you think that a cap firing replica gun is a must-have for your next party, simply click here to but it. Also, enjoy exciting coupons at the checkout.


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