Apart from the fact that an infrared thermometer has a gun shape and carries an in-built laser, an infrared thermometer is an epitome of plainness. Not only they are fast but also deliver a very good indication of the temperature, thus, rendering an opportunity for you to collect data from a safe distance. Ergo, it is very important for you to look towards the ways on how to use it better so that you can get good results out of them.

To help you we that here are the 3 misconceptions regarding the infrared thermometers which certainly needed some busting -

#1 The temperature is read by infrared thermometer laser

Not only this is plain wrong but also illogical. So, the laser pointer found in the thermometer is nothing more than a guide which indicates where the instrument is being pointed. Let’s say if the heat coming out of the A/C duct was measured by the instrument, the laser here will help in keeping the aim steady, thereby, ensuring that you are close enough to the area for which you want to measure the temperature.

It all depends on the make and the model, an infrared thermometer can read the temperature below, above or around where the laser is seen. There are many thermometers which come equipped with two lasers. They even provide with a quick indication of the infrared radiation which is being measured between the laser points. Further, on the basis of the infrared optics, the diameter being measured will get changed the moment you move away from the target which is also called an optical range.

#2 Via an infrared thermometer, you will get to know the internal temperature

This is another legendary fact which is worth busting. An infrared thermometer is a surface temperature apparatus – period. In the event of heating, grilling, smoking or simmering you're going to require an infiltration test to find the interior temperature of the food which is being cooked by you. With the help of an infrared, you will just get to know the surface temperature of the food and relying upon your optical range, the temp of the around the skillet, oven, etc.

Preferably, you would utilize infrared thermometers to find temp the outside of hot oil, a cast iron skillet, a saute dish, even chocolate, and soup.

#3 Every surface is equally created

Will, you believe if we told you that just the opposite of this fact is true?

Yes, not every surface is created equally. On the basis of the direction where you are pointing the infrared gun, you are more likely to find the variations in emitted energy. Such a variation is known as the emissivity which is a measure of the ability of the material to emit infrared energy. The same is measured on a scale from 0.00 to 1.00.

In general, when the emissivity of a material is closer to 1.00 (in the case of cast iron), the more a material takes in the reflected or ambient infrared energy & gives out only its infrared radiation. Most of the organic materials have the emissivity rating of 0.95. These tend to be ideal surfaces for accurate readings.

All the substances that have very low emissivity ratings, such as the high-polished metals, have the intention to be reflective of infrared energy while they are less effective at emitting their own electromagnetic waves.

If you somehow managed to point an infrared thermometer with fixed emissivity along the edge of a steel pot loaded up with bubbling water, for instance, you may get a reading close to 100°F (38°C) than 212°F (100°C). That is on the grounds that the sparkly metal is better at reflecting the surrounding radiation of the room than it is at transmitting its own infrared radiation.

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